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Just 125 km. away from Bangalore and 50 km from Mysore, with a lean traffic for most part of the drive, in about two and a half hours from Bangalore and one hour from Mysore, you can reach one-of-its-kind island-like backwater-resort suits for family, Corporates and Day outing is nothing less than a paradise on the earth literally. A complete natural resort with every facility that you can ask for, built with not just brick and mortar, not just with trees and babmoos, but also with a 25-year experience, of forestry and wildlife in Kanataka Forest Department, of Mr.T.N. Narayana, MD,who is also responsible for Eco tourism project, and a creator of 'KAVERI NISARGADHAMA,at kushalnagar –kodugu as a Forest Officer. Jaladhama is best Resorts in Bangalore for Corporate Day Outing. The resort provides an opportunity to try out various team activities such as village sports, kite flying, and a variety of indoor games to keep the visitors entertained during their stay here.

Ably supported by his Director-son, T.N Kiran who too is well-versed in as varied fields as hospitality and OPERATION.

Welcome to Jaladhama, "A piece of Paradise on Earth".

Tucked away amidst backwaters of Cauvery, Jaladhama is surrounded by unpolluted natural environment on the banks of kaveri and Kapila River at talakadu, t.narsipura, talakadu, Mysore district.

Starting from welcoming you by helping in parking your vehicle to bidding you farewell, every little detail is taken care of by our experienced and courteous staff.

The Motor boat is always ready to ferry you from the parking on the roadside to the resort proper. The 10-minute chugging on the back water with scenic beauty all-round, skies dotted with bird formations, the chirping of birds and only nature for company, is the beginning of a memorable experience to come for the time you would be staying here.

Pleasure in reaching the resort by motor boat is a memorable experience and you are relieved from the strains of journey while crossing the river.

Appetising multi-cuisine fare, high tea on the cruise, breakfast on the floating restaurant, mind- relaxing natural surroundings, rejuvenating water-sports, crystal - clear swimming pool, rain dance, discotheque, indoor and outdoor games, Trrekking in the hills, air-conditioned accomodations, professional set-up for conferences and seminars etc., natural sound of blowing breeze and chirping of birds are the highlights.

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