Jaladhama resort is the best Family resorts around Bangalore and Family resorts around Mysore.The resort is perfect destination for family & friends, relaxing place for Corporate Teams, a peaceful yet eventful place for couples, kids, tourists & literally anyone.

Games & Sports

The speciality of this resort is that it is full of activities. The time is not enough to cover all the activities. You have basket ball, shuttle cock, volley ball, trampoline and cricket, even with flood light. Enough indoor activities like table tennis, fuse ball, caroom board, chess etc are available.

Boating & Cruising

A 20-minute snack- and high-tea-included calm-cruising in the sun-bathed back waters during evenings, single-seater to 10-seater canoeing for the adventurous, 4-seater pedal-boating for families and small groups, or rowboats for the ‘I will do it myself’ types, every water-event conceivable is for you to choose from speed boats banana ride and water scooter so on. For those just wanting to stay away from water, we have the fishing event.

Rain Dance

It is a memorable activity to take part in the rain dance in the evening. It gives immense pleasure to dance in the rainwater artifically created.
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